The Multitasking Miracle of Burberry Fresh Glow

I love it when I find a product that will serve me multiple purposes. It gives me a reason to wear it more often and makes a product worth buying. There’s one product in particular that I’ve been loving ever since I got it, and it’s another Burberry Beauty product. By now, you probably can tell that I have a deep affinity for this beauty line.

Introducing the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base.

What it is (from the Burberry website):

The effortless formula gives a spectrum of skin benefits and multiple effects – from instant radiance to moisturisation – while gently protecting against the elements. Ultra-fine illuminators give natural luminosity and light diffusion, anti-agers help restore skin elasticity and wild rose extracts increase hydration levels.

Before we get into the product itself, let’s discuss the packaging a little bit: Fresh Glow is encased in a rectangular cube, still with the iconic Burberry check as the cap and clear acrylic for the rest. It could almost pass as a skyscraper somewhere in New York, except this is in miniature size.

It has a pump to dispense the product. I love that the pump has a lock mechanism (twist to lock/open) to prevent unwanted accidents, like accidental spills and such. My logic got me thinking the lock feature would also help minimize open-air exposure to the product inside. I find that one pump is enough for the whole face, and less if I’m only using it as a highlighter.

It comes in a thick lotion form, a pearly pale nude shade. It does have some sort of shimmer, but it’s so fine that you won’t even notice it.

A pump of liquid goodness

Fresh Glow is basically a base, primer, illuminator and highlighter in one. We can use it on bare skin for enhanced radiance, as a primer for foundation, mixed with foundation for added glow, or to highlight facial features.

I find that as a primer, it doesn’t give really add much in terms of prolonging my makeup. I still use my trusty Chanel Le Blanc Makeup Base underneath Fresh Glow for that particular job, which means that I basically use Fresh Glow as a base. I love using it underneath Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup. The foundation itself dries to a rather matte (and flat) finish, so Fresh Glow livens up the whole look. This is definitely one of my favorite combos for my daily complexion routine.

Second, I love mixing it with liquid foundation; in this case, the Burberry Sheer Foundation. When my skin needs perking up, I’ll go for this combination. The texture of Fresh Glow and Sheer Foundation works amazingly well together. It’s a match made in heaven. The result? An instant plump, radiant, glowing complexion. Who doesn’t love that?

Last but not least, I love this as a highlighter. As a final touch, apply it to the top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brow bones, cupid’s bow and chin. Then I’m out the door, ready to face the day!

Fresh Glow blended on the skin

As you can see from the photo above, Fresh Glow gives a luminosity to the skin when blended. It reflects the light ever so softly, boosting the quality of the skin to make it radiant and healthier-looking. This is foolproof on me, I could never go overboard with it. It’s just perfect.

The formula feels hydrating, but never greasy. It has a cooling effect too, making my skin feel refreshed instantly. Because of the light-diffusing quality, I could just wear this with my pressed powder on good skin days, and come off with an effect just as good.

I truly adore this. It fits so well with the whole Burberry Beauty principle of effortless and timeless beauty.

That being said, the subtlety of Fresh Glow might not suit the preferences on some people. So if you have the chance, you should try it first before committing to a full size purchase. But for me, this is definitely a holy grail item in my makeup arsenal :)