Beauty Update: Urban Decay Getting Naked!

What do you do when a palette released under your brand becomes more iconic than the brand itself? You cash it in by turning the household name into a full fledge collection. Yeap, that’s what Urban Decay is planning to do with their famous Naked Palettes, released back in 2010, and remain very much sought after until today.

“We are tapping into the success of our Naked palettes to create a Naked franchise that focuses on color, as well as a new line called Naked Skin, which is focused on complexion,” Urban Decay’s creative director, Wende Zomnir when interviewed by WWD.

The Naked Skin, bowed exactly the same idea as the Naked Palette, relying on women’s natural complexion and enhancing it. The first launch from the collection will offer a product called ‘Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup’, which is an oil-free and paraben-free foundation that feels weightless and promises airbrushed but transparent finish. It consists of 18 shades with buildable formula, and it will be priced at around $38. Quite pricey, if I may say. But if they deliver what they promises, it might be worth to spend that much money.

But the good news is that by year end, Urban Decay will be launching Naked Basics, which is a palette consisting of six colours, smaller than the original Naked Palette and it contains matte shades. It will retail for $27, so if you don’t think the original Naked Palette is right on your alley, you can buy a much more concise version, which is this one.