Model Co Face Base Skin Primer


I pick up the ModelCo Face Base on a whim since it was on 60% sale on one of the Beauty Event. But comparing it to my other primer I thought the regular price of Rp 240,000 for 45 ml is really quite reasonable, you get almost twice the quantity of what you usually paid for a primer. I guess we benefited from our distance with the neighboring country Australia where the brand came from, because in the US the primer is sold for $34.


When you pay that much you will expect that you’ll get fancier packaging. Instead the primer is packed in a clear tube with simple and clean looking design like other products by ModelCo. I actually much prefer the tube packaging rather than bottled pump packaging because once the product is nearly finished it is easier to get the product out of the tube rather than the bottle.

Face Base claimed to be a hydrating skin primer that helps improve the look and texture of our skin by smoothing out fine lines and pores. It also stated that it able to keeps foundation on for up to 10 hours. It’s also oil-free and suitable for all skin types.


The primer feels velvety on the skin but not too greasy like our beloved Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer nor powdery like Cargo Blu Ray Mattifier. The finish is more similar to Bare Escentuals Prime Time Face Primer. Face Base primer feels thicker than other primers I’ve used but because of its thick consistency it able to fill in pores and fine lines so that your foundation will look flawless upon application. It truly provides barrier between my skin care and my foundation. I’ve tried using this primer with my chalky sun screen, usually when I used both Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer and Cargo Blu Ray Mattifier you could see that upon the primer application the sunscreen begun to blend in with the primer and you could tell because of its whitish texture starts to move around every where you applied your primer. But with the Face Base my sunscreen do not bulge at all.


I’ve tested the primer on different kind of foundation – liquid, cream, powder and mineral. When using my liquid foundation with the foundation brush, my foundation just glides so smoothly and it took less foundation for the whole face. I dont really like the feel of this primer when using my cream or powder foundation because I found that when applying both type of foundation I feel my skin become a little bit flaky and I do not get the flawless result that I want. Espescially with the powder foundation, eventhough I’ve applied them generously my face still feels greasy. Face base works perfectly fine with full coverage foundation that is creamier but not those that have stiff and drier consistency. You would find that it tremendously difficult to blend the foundation.


The most important reason why I’m currently loving this primer is because it works splendid with my mineral make up applied wet or dry. Usually it’s a big challenge applying mineral make up in the morning because you have to wait for your skin care to completely dries and then you have to wait for your primer to settle in and doesn’t feel greasy so that the concealer and foundation able to blend in flawlessly into your face without looking blothcy or streaky. With this primer, I can just buff my concealer and foundation immediately after I applied my primer and it just blend miracolously. I feel the same result with Make Up For Ever All Mat Primer but by far this still works better with mineral make up. Although this primer is still on a tie position with Bare Escentuals Prime Time Face Primer in this area.


For the staying power I must admit that our beloved Smashbox Photofinish Primer is still the winner. But I’ve used this for work and I’ve no complain at all because my make up stays for the whole day. However, I will still prefer Smashbox Photofinish Primer for outdoor activities and activities that took longer than 10 hours. But on the other hand, I’ve seen that there’s no creasing on my under eye area even on the afternoon. My skin looks rather matte with this primer but it doesn’t looks dehydrated therefore I assume that it’s claim to be a hydrating skin primer must be true. I’ve tried the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Hydrating  and in this area alone, the Face Base performs much better. I’ve read several review from people with oily skin type and most of the review stated that this primer did not able to control oil. In some cases, people also experienced breakout from the primer because the thick consistency will clogged your pores if not cleansed thoroughly.


Apply Face base liberally to cleansed face and it is safe for the delicate area. Do not apply the primer with pressure, I suggest to apply the primer in one direction light handedly or else you will feel that the primer tend to be flaky upon application. If you’re feeling generous, it’s even better if you apply the primer using a brush. I would apply more on the area that have fine lines or bigger pores. Leave the primer for a minute before applying foundation. A little tip from the website, if you want to create a natural looking sheen on the face or décolleté add a little glow enhancer to your primer and then apply as usual.


ModelCo products are available in Senses, Grand Indonesia.