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Coming Soon: Drops of Youth Skin Care Range


Here’s a New Year’s gift for you: this time in January 2015, you will be able to get your hands  on a brand new range of skin care products from The Body Shop.

Well, maybe new isn’t exactly the right word: the Drops of Youth range is actually an extension of the hugely popular Drops of Youth Serum, a product that’s already sort of a cult favorite. While actually more of a pre-serum, it works to fight early signs of aging by hydrating, smoothing, and enhancing the skin’s surface.

IMG_9286So how exciting is this? The first phase of products from the range will include the same serum, but with a little twist: while the original Drops of Youth serum features criste marine as a key ingredient, the three new products make use of the same stem cell technology to bring the best of the edelweiss plant. Edelweiss flowers have been heralded in the skin care industry for its potent anti-aging properties; this means that while the Drops of Youth range is great for use among a wide spectrum of age groups, its early anti-aging prevention formulations will benefit anyone looking to get a head start to fight signs of aging in skin.

So what are the new additions to the Drops of Youth family?

Bouncy Sleeping Mask (IDR 399,000)

IMG_9384I feel like this sleeping mask is the new star product of this range and I can totally see why. I’m obsessed with this thing. Used at nighttime before bed (hence “sleeping mask,” duh), you start by serving a small pea-sized dollop of the product onto your hand before rubbing it in your palms. When you rub it in your hands, it effectively “warms up” the product and activates its active ingredients; you then apply it all over your face, where it will set, giving you the sensation of wearing a mask.

But leave it on all night, and you will wake up to bouncier, more hydrated skin. It’s a really cool product to have on long-haul flights, to help you replace any moisture you’ve lost in the dry, pressurized airplane cabin.

Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate (IDR 439,000)

IMG_9308There are a lot of really good eye products out there, but something I don’t like is how they are packaged: most are simply packed in little jars. I find this particularly impractical and unhygienic; sure they give you a little spoon to dish out the product onto your fingers with, but I always end up losing mine.

There are two  things about this product that I love: first, it just works. I’m not gonna pretend  like I understand which ingredients are effecting change, causing my dark eye circles to lighten up — it just worked on me, and I love it. Second, the way that it’s packaged means that it dispenses just the right amount of product with every use, so there’s no waste. A single pump dispenses the product directly onto the metal rollerball, which you then go on to apply in a figure-eight motion over your eyes. The combination of the figure-eight motion and cooling metal rollerball will massage the eyes to give them a less puffy appearance.

Wonderblur (IDR 369,000)

IMG_9306Last but not least, here comes a product that blurs the line between makeup and skincare. Just like its cousin the Instablur, what we have here is a smoothing and perfecting primer that offers all the benefits of the Instablur, but with the skincare benefits of the edelweiss stem cell extract. Watch this space for a review on which is the better product, the Wonderblur or Instablur.

Overall, I’m excited to see how The Body Shop has developed an early anti-aging skincare line that’s rooted in plant stem cell technology. The choice to expand Drops of Youth into an entire skin care line is a smart move, and I feel like this line will do really well when it drops in store comes January 2015 — especially the Bouncy Sleeping Mask (which I’m still obsessed over).

Do any of these products interest you? Are you looking forward to the Drops of Youth skin care range? Or are you perfectly happy with the standalone serum product?

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