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#FDBeauty Video Tutorial: Tips for Long-Lasting Lipstick


Here at FDHQ, I’m sort of a militant when it comes to purchasing specific lipstick textures: if it isn’t matte or semi-matte, I won’t buy it. This is because in my experience, matte and semi-matte lipstick have longer staying power than their glossy counterparts. I’m a proud cheapskate and will do everything in my power to make lipsticks last longer, even if it means fewer lipstick applications throughout the day.

One of the ways many people use to make lipstick last longer is the blotting method, something Tika demonstrates in the video below. No lip pencils are involved in the process, but you will need to keep a tissue nearby. The method is a little more time-consuming than just swiping on your favorite shade, but trust us on this one — it works. If you’re into stretching your dollar too, take a tip from her and try it out for yourself.

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