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Introducing the Brand Spanking New Female Daily

The #ExcitingChange is finally here. Introducing You The New Female Daily!

Hey there beautiful ladies, it has been one month into 2014. Have you worked on your New Year’s resolution? Have you taken better care of yourself and worked towards your goals? Have you finally followed what your heart has been telling you?

We have.

Well, we haven’t achieved all of them  yet — but have ticked off a few important things off our to-do list, and it feels amazingly good!

One of our goals this year is to take focus to the extreme: focus means a center of interest.

Focus means to concentrate attention or energy. You can’t have too many things going on as they will just distract you.

Focus means to adjust one’s vision or an optical device, so you can have a clearer image.

By focusing, of course you hope to reach whatever it is you set out to do more effectively and efficiently.

So what have we done exactly?

In order to focus, we first needed to find what area we wanted to focus on. Find our strengths, because I think we owe it to ourselves to find our strength. In our case, we’ve previously touched on the subject of Fashion, Beauty, Hijab, FitNFab, and Travel. Then we realized that it was too broad a space for us to focus on; we have the breadth but we lack the depth. So we evaluated ourselves and found out that beauty has been driving force behind the pillars here at Female Daily.


So yes, now our focus is to give a special spotlight to what makes being a woman a lot of fun: Beauty! As you may already realize, we have been very resourceful when it comes to beauty since 2007. But we want to take the impact into a whole new level!

We now also have the Beauty Review Page. It’s going to be a comprehensive directory for beauty products review and ratings. You want to buy something but need a quick check on what others are saying? Our Beauty Review Page is there to solve your problems. Don’t forget to share your products review in there too.

Want more video tutorials? We heard you and are committed to releasing new video content every day. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

Like our Beauty Workshops? We will now hold a Beauty Workshop every first Saturday of the month. The pictures from the last Beauty Workshop are already up in our Facebook Page. Don’t miss the next one in March 1st, and look for our big beauty event happening this coming May.

So there you go ladies, I present you the new Female Daily. We are still working on a few finishing touches here and there. It’s not perfect yet, but like Mark Zuckerberg once eloquently said, DONE is better than perfect. What’s more important than perfect is believing in your idea, having a can-do attitude, and running with the plan before it’s too late.

I hope you are as excited as we are. We are high in adrenaline mode here at FDHQ. I think I will celebrate it with a purchase of a new lipstick.  I’m thinking MAC Flat Out Fabulous, a bold and intense bright plum color to mark a new era. What do you think?

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