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Lipstick Monday: Conquering the Tricky Nude Lip


Some of you may have noticed that I never wear nude lipsticks in any of my Lipstick Monday posts. Let me explain why:

Nude lipsticks are incredibly tricky for me to pull off. The natural hue of my lips are pigmented with a mauve tone to them. I remember my mom once making a comment about my lips looking purple. So lipsticks that look good when swatched on the back of my hand will look completely different when worn on my lips, and not in a good way either.

For some reason, I have a tendency to pick out brown tones in nude colors, but they only end up making me look older and rather outdated. The amount of white pigments in nude shades also make me look sick, quite frankly. So far, the ones that I’ve tried simply won’t adhere to my lips well: they didn’t cover my natural lip color, leaving my lips looking patchy. So as a bottom line, I simply stay away from nudes.

That’s until I decided to give it yet another try, and I picked up one of my favorite lipstick formulas for this attempt.

Givenchy Le Rouge #102 Beige Plume


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