Best Primer I’ve Tried So Far: Cargo Blu Ray HD Mattifier!

It seems that more and more products that I love from the past making its righteous way to be reviewed in FD. We all love the much-raved Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and also the Benefit Porefessional seems to be a strong contender. But between those two and Cargo Blu Ray High Definition Mattifier, I’ve got to admit after wearing it again for the last one month, my heart goes to this.

Cargo Blu Ray line has been known as a kick as line, with every single product making its way to the Holy Grail status in most of beauty junky list. From the compact powder with its flawless finish yet able to give full coverage to the fresh peach-pink blush that is so pigmented yet finely milled. The primer gives a great start if you want a high definition ready complexion.

Much like the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Benefit Porefessional it’s silicone based primer. Application-wise it’s as smooth and easy compared to both, in fact it has a much runnier texture so that it glides on much more easily compared to both. You need less product as well! It feels really velvety on the skin and gives a smoother canvas for your foundation to glides. It’s also much more lightweight on your skin compared to the two!

After you use this primer, your face will look matte and somewhat flawless because it able to fill in the pores and fine lines so the texture of your skin becomes even. Hence, sometimes when I feel real lazy, I will only use this primer just to keep the shine away- dab a bit of loose powder if I have the extra energy.

Staying power? I have a very dry skin and foundation don’t get blotchy on me, but it doesn’t make even the most full-coverage foundation cracking on me. It has super staying power! I use this primer on the day that I do Pilates and when I wipe me sweats with my towel, I see less foundation transfer compared to when I’m not using primer. Also, when I wiped my makeup clean at night, my foundation is still there! I also read that most review from people with oily skin praised its staying power.

Here’s another trick of what you can do with the primer. Since the texture is lightweight and runny, you can use it for touch up. If you feel that your makeup looks shiny, dab a bit of this primer on your nose and cheeks and you can kiss those mid-day shiny face good bye. I love how it instantly mattify my look. The texture is also the reason why this goes well with any kind of foundation – even the silicone-based foundation, it wouldn’t feel too heavy at all. Perfect companion too for powder foundation and mineral foundation.

Since the packaging is a tube, you can get the product till the last drop! Unlike the annoying Smashbox bottle that you can see your product but can’t quite reach it! Also, it retails for USD 28, which is quite competitive price!

Moral of the story? You should really give this primer a chance. I’m planning to get my third tube soon.