Today’s Outfit: Asos Ensemble for Maternity

This is probably my last TO with a bump (one month to go!). I attended the MODMUSE fashion show by Sebastian Gunawan, keeping in mind the dress code: be a muse. The thing is, when you get bumpy and are in the last trimester of pregnancy, you’ve got no options except for those unflattering tops because comfort is something you cannot bargain with when pregnant.

Thanks to the Bando Bello , I’m still be able to wear my regular pants (well, most of them, anyway). What’s a Bando Belly? See this on Hanzky review at Mommies Daily.

So the highlight of the day was this maternity t-shirt in pixelated checks from Asos. Got to love the geometric checked pattern in monochrome. It is a short-sleeved shirt, so I had to layer it with this black coat (although it looks best on its own).



The theme of that day’s outfit was Asos maternity, so I wore these Asos cream loafers along with the t-shirt. Save me from the whole argument about pregnant women must wearing comfortable flats all the time; these shoes gave me the height (and comfort!) I needed for this event. Still, I felt more “street style” than “muse” in this ensemble. Not Sebastian-ish at all, but it still worked out ;)

Irna La Perle glittery knit shawl | Square Inner | Asos maternity t-shirt | vintage coat | Zara plaid pants | Asos leather loafers | Mango necklace | Tory Burch sling bag