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Lipstick Monday: Tom Ford Diabolique


Who doesn’t know Tom Ford? He is practically a legend in today’s fashion industry. His designs are always associated with elegant, glamorous sexy, and bold. You’d notice a Tom Ford girl if you see one in the ads.

Tom Ford launched his lipstick collection called Private Blend Lipsticks in 2010 and ladies were lining up for these gems. Many claimed these lipsticks have one of the the best formulas. He discontinued it for a while before relaunching a full makeup collection in 2011. The range was nothing short of his signature.

As a lipstick addict in the making, naturally I’m drawn to his lipsticks. There are some amazing shades in the collection. I had a tough time choosing them, as they aren’t exactly pocket-friendly to begin with. One of my picks falls to the limited edition Diabolique from Jasmine Rouge Collection for Holiday 2012.


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