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The Road to Ideal Skin with Tsuya


I’m still a juvenile when it comes to skincare. I don’t necessarily have the will to try out new regimen because I have sensitive skin, therefore my knowledge is still limited, yet growing. But I’m always happy to share the products that’s working for me.

One of them is Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator Essence by Shu Uemura.

Tsuya is Japan's word for ideal skin.

What it is: an essence to reactivate cell regeneration that reaches new heights in achieving beautiful, youthful skin. With Tsuya Skin, say goodbye to dull, rough and tired-looking skin. In 7 days, achieve porcelain-fine, petal-soft and translucent glowing skin.

The star ingredients:

  • Rhamnose: penetrates deeply to reactivate the skin’s youth power switch. It serves to boost cell regeneration and provides significant improvement in all fundamental skin layers to achieve ideal skin.
  • Enju Flower: “enju” meaning longevity in Japanese, is well known for its powerful live force.

A little info, I had a horrid breakout sometime in the November last year, due to stress and hormonal change (and dirty brushes *shame*). My face produced acne non-stop, particularly under the cheekbones area. It went on for about couple of months and left me with multiple acne marks. I used La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo to help with the acne, awesome stuff, but it doesn’t help much in improving the skin’s texture. My skin was dry, even more sensitive and extremely dehydrated. It just looked dull and sallow.





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