Tried & Tested: Lioele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base

I know that Lioele is big on our forum and especially their BB Cream but it wasn’t until last week that I finally tried their products. Mostly because I don’t need any new addiction right up my sleeve. Enough with the Japanese makeup and skincare craze, I don’t need to ride on the Korean wave as well. But then because I work in this industry, it’s only a matter of time that I’m going to be exposed to it. Right, new addiction, here I come.

Lioele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base, as the name suggests, is supposed to be an illuminating face primer. By the sound of it, anything that is creating an illuminating or pearly effect on the face is usually will be friendlier for the dry to normal skin people. Whereas the oily skin crowd will much prefer mattifying face primer. But this doesn’t limit as to who could use this product.

I’ve read thoroughly the different reviews of this product, and there’s an equally good and bad reviews about this product. So taking note of the reviews that I’ve read, I tried to use it so I could suggest you a better way of using it.

As usual, formula and texture first. It’s a lotion or cream type of primer that oddly reminds me of Benefit’s High Beam face highlighter texture. The lotion is slightly thick from the shimmer and you can feel it’s not as smooth as a moisturiser. The colour is pink and there’s a blue undertone that reflects quite vividly on it, with shimmer that is very obvious and probably would scare many people off. I have a cool tone skin so I have no problem with the blue undertone and I have not read a review that refer to the bluish undertone and find it to be a problem. In fact, the right pink should brighten up your face, and this one is just about right.

How to use it? The key of using this product is to not overuse it. You just need a pea size of this product. Apply it on a well moisturised skin to make it easy to apply. I will start from the centre of my face focusing on the bridge of the nose and cheek when I’m applying it and spread it even out to the area of my hair where less product will be needed. Afterward I would apply some more to the forehead, again starting from the centre part, followed by the chin area. If you apply too much, the feel will be cakey and it’s going to be hard to even out your foundation. Moderation is the key.

The result? Your face will look very shimmery. I was very surprised. I thought a disco ball just dropped on my face. But when I applied my foundation afterwards – I use┬áKATE Lasting High Coverage Liquid Foundation – and the disco ball effect was immediately subdued. Apparently, it gives a nice soft shimmer for my foundation. This would be a perfect match for your matte foundation if you want to give it a little bit of shimmer.

Here’s what you could do with this product. You could also use this as a highlighter for your cheekbone after you apply your foundation. Just dab it lightly and the colour is just perfect. You could also mix it up with your foundation to create a pearly effect.

I think, this product is worth to get as long as you know what to expect and how to use it.

Have you tried this product and what do you think of it?