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Keeping Our Skin Healthy & Moisturized with Hydra IQ Technology


Water plays an important role to keep your metabolism works better by protecting the body’s organs and tissues, helping to dissolve minerals, regulating body temperature and keeping the skin moist. Lack of water content in the body can result in decreased skin condition, in which the resistance and enzyme function is not optimal, resulting in dry and rough skin.

Understanding the importance of water for skin, Peter Agre made an innovation by discovering aquaporin. Peter Agre is a molecular biologist based in the United States, who won the Nobel Prize in 2003 for aquaporin discovery.

What is aquaporin? Aquaporin is a protein in the cell membrane to form pores that the water molecules to flow freely in to and out of cells. affecting affect the skin’s ability to moisturize itself efficiently. A cell can consist of 200,000 aquaporin. The more aquaporin in cells, the more formation of hydrating channels for water transport, keeping the skin moist.  Therefore we need a technology to stimulate the aquaporin network, and this is where the Hydra IQ plays a role.

The next question would be, what is Hydra IQ?

Beiersdorf scientists doing research for 7 years to develop content that can stimulate the aquaporin network in the skin. Then they  found Hydra IQ technology which consists of glucose and glycerol,” Dr Christopher Mummert Group Manager of Regional Development Beiersdorf AG Hamburg, explained about Hydra IQ.

NIVEA skincare brand from Beiersdorf introduced Hydra IQ innovation that can maintain constant moisture for more than 24 hours. Hydra IQ is an active content that can stimulate the formation of a new aquaporin or aquaporin-skin hydration channel, which controls the distribution of water, and keeps it within the skin cells, providing constant moisturizing effect.

Now Hydra IQ is contained in NIVEA Body Lotion that was launched recently.

Why do you need NIVEA Body Lotion with Hydra IQ?

Paramita Ika, Group Brand Manager PT Beiersdorf Indonesia explained that “Body lotion on the market today generally contains glycerol and urea, both of which work by increasing the water content in the skin, and creating protective surface with emollients and lipids to reduce evaporation of water. That process does not guarantee the content of the water spread evenly in all layers of skin cells, in the absence of water that flows across the cell membrane of the skin. ”

“After regular use, Hydra IQ benefits the skin by increasing the water absorption in the skin cell membranes significantly. Even after three days of not using product from NIVEA Body Lotion Hydra IQ, the moisturizing effect still persists, ” she added.

The series of products NIVEA Body Lotion come in seven variants:

  • NIVEA Intensive Advanced Moisture Care Lotion
  • NIVEA UV Extra Whitening Advanced Moisture Care Lotion
  • NIVEA UV Whitening Advanced Moisture Care Lotion
  • NIVEA Night Whitening Advanced Moisture Care Lotion
  • NIVEA UV Protection Advanced Moisture Care Lotion
  • NIVEA Express Advanced Moisture Care Lotion
  • NIVEA Happy Time Advanced Moisture Care Lotion.

Will you be interested in trying out Nivea Hydra IQ line?

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