L’Oreal Base Magique for Longer Lasting Makeup

Finally, there’s another face primer in the affordable range that is available in Indonesia. When I first heard about the L’Oreal Base Magique Smoothing Velvet Primer, I immediately browsed around for reviews from fellow beauty addicts out there. Turns out, there are mix reviews on this primer. You either love it or you hate it.

Lets start with the packaging and formula. The packaging is in thick glass bottle pot with a screw lid. I actually like the sleek glass packaging, but because this is a primer a pot really isn’t the best packaging to put it. I have to dip my hand onto the pot to get some product out. This is understandable though considering the formula and consistency of the product. They couldn’t place it on a tube because the consistency of the primer is really thick like mouse.

The formula of the primer is really velvety to the touch. It’s a bit thick so you really need to pick up the product lightly from the pot. Dot your face with the product and smooth it out so that you will have thin layer of this product to prepare your ‘canvas’ for makeup. If you pick up too much product, it will be hard to even out this primer on your face. But on the area where you think you have large pores you can massage more product to even out the texture. I found it best to apply this primer straight right after moisturizer because it makes the primer glides even more easily.

The primer gives a really nice sleek canvas to apply your foundation. I find that my foundation glides on more easily when using this primer. Also the rosy pink shade kind of giving me a brighter complexion. As for the staying power, I would say the performance is quite good! Even when I only used my BB Cream and MUFE HD Powder, I can see that my face stays matte all day. When I used a thicker foundation, I could see on my cotton pad when I clean my face that the foundation is still intact. No blotchiness around the nose area where it’s normally more oily for me.

Bottom line is what I like about this product is the velvety smooth finish and it’s really affordable price at Rp 149,000, considering a little goes a long way. However, they really need to improve on the packaging and work something out. Also, if you don’t know how to apply this product it really can feels thick and chunky on your face.

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