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Love Your Body And Your Earth With Organic Elements


You might love your environment by being green, but how about loving your body by using “green product”? Wearing Organic Elements can be one of your actions in being green, while, at the same time, being nice to your skin. Organic Elements is an organic skincare brand from Italy which only uses organically grown plants without any pesticides or fertilizers. Organic Elements for the body are claimed to be designed specifically to combat stress and time constraints, constant travel and poor diet with longer working days which inevitably promote cellulite, water retention problems, a general build up of toxins, loose skin, sluggish uneven body contours and dull lifeless skin tone.

Organic Element Shaping Cream (top, left photo) and Marine Algae Body Pack (top, right)

Organic Elements Slim Patch Package (bottom, left) and Cold-Warm Gym Gel (bottom, right)

Organic Elements body products consists of Shaping Cream, Marine Algae Body Pack, Slim Patch Package and Cold-Warm Gym Gel. Organic Element Shaping Cream (with the price Rp. 455,000) contains It contains calendula extract, cone flower Extract, passion flower Extract, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A that are capable of keeping the skin elastic and firm. It is ideal during and after weight lost treatment or pregnancy. Each sachet of Organic Elements Marine Algae Body Pack (Rp. 735,000) contains a concentrate of active draining and firming ingredients, such as sea-tangle, Sargassum Filipendula and red algae, derived from seaweeds and featuring a slimming action to reduce cellulite. Organic Elements Slim Patch Package (Rp. 930,000) is an effective treatment to combat the imperfections caused by cellulite, such as the orange-peel effect. Soy oil, grapeseed oil, kola and the extracts of horsetail, horse chestnut and hydrocotyl are activated to strengthen and protect blood vessels.  Organic Elements Cold-Warm Gym Gel (Rp. 510,000) is a gel emulsion for the treatment of localized fat deposits by stimulating microcirculation with the sensation of mint’s freshness and methyl nicotinate’s heat.

Organic Elements is available exclusively at Senses Grand Indonesia Shopping Town East Mall 2nd Floor Skybridge unit B2-01/02.




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