Pamper Yourself at Home with These Five Products

I’ve been longing for a quite weekend with nothing to do but pampering myself. Last week was quite a hectic one with work spanning to the weekend. So you understand my longing for a little bit of me time, don’t you?

After our event at Kota Tua with Mommies Daily crowd two weeks back, I was actually ready for a full body massage but no one was available to come. So I browsed some items that are going to be perfect for my pampering time. This week is no different, we’re going to held another even Hijab Workshop and next week there’s going to be Female Daily Garden Party that we’re looking forward to.

Since a full day dedicated to pampering myself would not be possible, I’ve picked five items to pamper myself at home. Once in a while, we deserve a little luxury to reward ourselves the achievement that we have made so far. So splurging is of course in order.

  1. What better way to slough away all the tiredness than scrubbing it all off with this delicious The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Scrub (Rp169,000 for 200ml)? This scrub is very creamy and it has the yummy chocolate scent and it has that right scrub size where it’s not too harsh nor too soft when you use it on your skin. It leave my skin very silky and moist.
  2. A relaxing mask for your hair is what you need while you’re waiting to finish off with scrubbing. My pick fall to the Kerastase Masque Oleo-Relax (Rp 450,000 for 200ml and Rp 745,000 for 500ml) where it will relax your hair and detangle your stressed hair give it a healthy shine and soft finish. All you need is just a minimum of 5 minutes! It has a Nutri_Huile complex that is combined with shorea and palm oils that will help restoring your hair suppleness and cationic polymers that give the softness and detangling ease.
  3. Ginger always brings a calming sense to it with its deep warm feeling, so I always reach for the Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerly Shower Gel (Rp 290,000) when I feel tired. The ginger scent is not too overpowering, but it’s really soft and feels warm on the skin. It leaves a soft lingering smell and also rich in moisturizing oil but it doesn’t make your skin feel slippery.
  4. You take your time to massage your body so it can relax, so once in a while do the same for your face. I swear by this Menard Tsukika Massage Cream (Rp 330,000) that feels so heavenly when you see your face starting to look dull. It helps maintain your skin’s elasticity, suppleness and help it to produce enough moisture for the skin. The massage cream has a very soft Selenicereus flower scent that I find very relaxing. To know more on how to use it you can read it here.
  5. Hands up if you love tissue mask! I love the extra instant boost that it gives to my skin because usually tissue masks have more concentrated ingredient. The SK-II Skin Signature Mask 3-D Redefining Mask (Rp 1,155,000 for 6 sheets) will be next on my wish list because it has a 3D stretch design to closely fit the face that said to be able to activate key facial points and have an immediate lifting effect.