Saturday White Fever with Menard

A Saturday where you spend it pampering yourself is a time well spent don’t you think? On Saturday, 19 February we invited 10 Fashionese Daily readers to an exclusive event that we held with Menard where we spent the day talking about our skin’s concern and get better understanding on how to tackle them.

During this event, these ladies got the chance to consult with Menard’s Beauty Assistant on their skin condition and take the Menard skin test where it reveals the true age of your skin. Do you know that your skin doesn’t age the same way like your exact age? If you take care of them carefully you might be the lucky few who got a younger skin. Like one of our lucky member Leona2307 whose skin’s condition is two years younger than her actual age! But most of us who were attending the event that day were not as lucky as her, most of us got a skin that few months older than our actual age. Waiting for the skin test result is like waiting for your cholesterol reading in front of the lab, it’s the same horror.

Menard believe that skincare is not just about the product but also about application. During the event, we shared with these ladies on how to use the Tsukika line, the basic skincare range from Menard, correctly and also on how to treat your skin the right way. Menard also stated that their products are different in a way that they don’t target their product for different age group, but rather to your skin’s concern. Because skin concerns are not specific to age group. If you understand your skin’s condition well then you know what product you’ll need to use to tackle this concern.

The highlight of the day is where we need to practice to make a foam ball from the washing foam for your face. From a product that’s just as big as red bean can make a foam as big as a tennis ball! Winny from Menard explained that our pores form is concave where every concave will need one bubble in order for it to lift all the dirt inside it. So for every pore in your face, you need bubbles as big as a tennis ball to cleanse your entire face. Don’t worry we’re going to make a video tutorial on how to make this foam ball, so you can have as much fun at home creating a tennis ball from your face cleanser as much as we did that day :)

Not only that we got a useful insight that day, but the food served by The Edge Kemang Icon was also delicious as well. Everyone who attended our little skincare party were happy with their glowing face and full tummy. Don’t you think we should hold another skincare party at a larger scale?