A Brighter Skin Ahead with Beauness S

Around 75% of women are prone to rough skin and acnes because of unstable skin condition. Although your skin looks beautiful on the outside, but you are not immune to this threat. We always take comfort on our daily skin regimen that remain the same from day to day and hoping that it will be enough to keep the beauty of our skin. However our skin’s condition changes from time to time.

There are two things that can caused your skin to become and rough and acne prone, they are:

  1. Membrane of the unstable cells that are uneven and coarse causing it to come off easily. In which, during the process of skin’s renewal the membrane could face damages stimulates by various factors therefore causing it to develop uneven and coarse surface.
  2. The decrease in ceramide on our skin causing the unstable cells to come off easily. Ceramide bonds our skin cells together, therefore if the amount of ceramide decreases, it’s most likely to cause rough and coarse surface on our skin.

How to solve this problem?

To help your skin condition to stay healthy in time of change, Menard have Beauness S one of the best selling products in Japan that helps to conditions your skin with three nature powers to make it smoother and and more beautiful. Beauness S contains new ingredient called SPA Essence and Medical Essence SP that will help dead skin cells to come off from our skin, coarsened the membrane to stabilize our skin condition therefore our skin will look smoother and healthier.

Who will need to use Beauness S?

For those of you experiencing extreme skin condition such as drying and oiliness this product is perfect for you, as it will also regulate your skin condition. Menard also focuses on their attention on the live bad acne bacteria that can cause pimple inflammation and, according to recent research by Menard, it can also be caused by the residue of dead bad acne bacterium. Therefore, in Beauness S the SPA essence will help eliminate bad acne bacterium and protect your skin gently from it. So for those that are acne prone this product will be beneficial for you.

When to use this product?

Beauness S formula is watery lotion formula that is the same with toner. You can use this prior to your toner right after you wash your face and use it twice a day.

This product can be found at all Menard retail counters and retails for Rp. 660.000

Like any Menard lotions, you need to pat this product until it feels cool to the touch. If you’re confused on how to use this, then play this video below to see how Syita used it.

FD-ers Review on Beauness S


My skin condition is very dry andĀ  is currently experiencing serious case of dehydration. My skin looks really flaky and the complexion is obviously very dull.

I added the Beauness S lotion to my skincare regimen which consist of different brands. So you need not to worry if you want to add this product to your consisting skincare regimen. You can still enjoy the benefit of this product.

On a glimpse, this product feels fresh and cooling and I immediately feel that my face feels supple. Because my face is very dry and dehydrated it is not something that I often experience. One thing that I saw from this product, after I finish the whole bottle the supple effect lasts even after I don’t use this product anymore. I’m currently off the Beauness S lotion because I want to see whether the improvement of my skin’s condition only lasts for as long as I used this product or whether the product itself is able to improve my skin condition, given that I took care of its needs.

Surprisingly my skin looks supple even until today, a month after I finish the whole bottle of Beauness S. I most definitely will buy this product again. Also, my face looks healthier and the dullness is completely gone. I now make sure that I keep my skin dehydrated with the help of Menard Tsukika Emulsion.


I have an oily skin that mostly centers around the T-zone but on the chin and on the undereye area it looks very dehydrated. I currently used the Menard Tsukika Skincare line although for the cleanser and foaming wash I combine it with other product. The whole bottle of Beauness S lasts for three months.

Before using Beauness S and Menard Tsukika range, my skin looked very dehydrated, especially in the cheek area which could be seen in a plain sight. I noticed in the cheeks area especially, that after I used the Menard Tsukika combine with Beauness S my cheeks that was once looked very tight became more supple and its elasticity has been restored. Moments after I used Beauness S I felt immediate freshness to the skin, it felt cleaner and the cooling sensation helped to revitalize my skin.

After three months of using this product, my skin looks far more healthier and cleaner, maybe because the dead skin cells are lifted completely.

Now that I finished the entire bottle of Beauness S, I will definitely repurchase it and will continue using another skincare line from Menard that is more suited for my skin condition after I finish the whole range of Menard Tsukika.