Skincare Arsenal: Deszell

We thought we want to start to share with you what are our day to day skincare arsenal. We often recommended to you products that are worth to get, but we never really show how we really use it together with other products. So it’s no surprise if one day we write about Brand A then the next day we write another product type from Brand B.

I personally mix my skincare from different brand and price range. I don’t splurge on all product range for my skincare, as my budget doesn’t really let me to do it. So I mix drugstore skincare line with good more expensive one. I’m an avid fans of Japanese skincare, so don’t be surprised to see many items that I used are Japanese products.

  1. Maybelline Make Up Remover, it’s cheap and affordable and it removes even the most stubborn mascara. Although some heavy weight eye makeup need two cotton pads to remove all my makeup. I strongly recommend this!
  2. Ponds White Beauty Shake & Clean to remove all of my make up. It cleanse my makeup well and I have no complain so far using this. Again, it’s very affordable so I have no complain there.
  3. Hada Labo Foaming Cleanser with AHA+BHA, it’s the latest ‘it’ skincare in FD and since I’m new I’m starting with the foaming cleanser! I like that it comes with pump and it comes straight out as a foam so no hassle there. It exfoliates my skin and I see the result right away. My skin looks brighter after I use this and it feels clean.
  4. Nivea Visage Refreshing Toner, I like that it’s refreshing and it doesn’t feels like it have a strong smell nor a feel of alcohol. What I’m looking for from my toner is that it restore back the vitality of my skin with it fresh feeling. This one does the job just fine :)
  5. Lancome Genifique Youth Activator, from what I gather this is a pre-serum product where it will instantly brought back the youth in your skin. I like that it’s very thin and sink in directly and my skin looks supple. It really helps my moisturizer to sink into my skin. Got a sample size from one of our visit to Lancome which should last me for 2 weeks or so. I think I’m sold to this serum and will consider buying a full size.
  6. Menard Tsukika Cream, since I’m combining it with Lancome Genifique I prefer the cream rather than emulsion. I’m really in love with the Tsukika moisturizer because a tiny bit really lasts me the whole day. My dry skin stay moist and hydrated.
  7. Clinique Moisture Surge is an additional moisturizer that I use on top of my moisturizer. It helps a lot when I feel that my skin is really dehydrated. I don’t use it on daily basis, just when I need them.
  8. Clinique Moisture Surge Eye Gel that I use when I’m experiencing puffy eyes. If there’s such word as depuff, then it’s exactly what it does to my puffy under eyes immediately 10 minutes after I use it.
  9. Erhalogy Perfect Shield that I use only during the day because I don’t use different moisturizer for day or night. I just add this on my ritual after my moisturizer to gives me protection against the sun rays. It’s in light gel cream formula that instantly blends into my skin without leaving a whitish finish.
  10. Freshel Moistlift BB Cream, which I’m unsure whether it should be included into the skincare regimen but nevermind since I wan’t to show you all my latest find. It’s what I used when I don’t really need the coverage of a foundation just something to even out my skin. I’m loving it because it makes my face glow and I don’t break out from using this.

So what about you? Do you mix your skincare or you use the same product range? Anything that interest you from my skincare regimen?