Bridging the Gap: Glacier Creme Naked Protection 30+ SPF Mineral Sunscreen

There’s a new player worth mentioning in the sun care field. Early July, a new sun care brand called Glacier Creme was launched online via it’s website The Glacier Creme Naked Protection 30+ SPF Mineral Sunscreen is priced at $25 for 75ml. This is a zinc-oxide based mineral protection with 20 percent concentration and called the Naked Protection.

The aim of this product is to produce a sun care item that can bridge the gap between budget drugstore brands and high end “pharmaceutical sunscreens”, as stated by founder Aaron Cohen. Although the price is affordable but Glacier Creme uses only ingredients that are highly effective and are of high-performance. Their decision to focus on micronized zinc oxide is because this ingredient is the foundational active ingredients and known for providing the best broad spectrum protection against UVB and UVA rays. After a year of researching sunscreen with chemist they came up with the final formulation to pair up with the zinc oxide which also includes tea and sunflower extracts, polyphenols to fight free radicals, shea butter and vitamin E. Cohen added when explaining about the nature of the product that he wanted a product with “cosmetic elegance. It has a powdery feeling on the skin”.

Although they currently only sold this one type of sun care but they’re planning to expand their product line by next year. Plan are being made to include a facial sunscreen and after-sun lotion for next spring-summer. The distribution of the product itself although currently focused on independent boutique but they’re also available online.

Source: WWD
Photo by Courtesy Photo