Primer Review – Urban Decay Brightening Complexion Primer Potion

UD Primer FaceFinally, after writing Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion product information back on June, I’ve got my hands on the much talked ‘Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion in Brightening’.  The Face Primer comes in two different varieties: “Brightening”, and “Pore Perfecting”. This review is for the “Brightening” type of the Primer.

Urban Decay is targeting this product for more mature skin types It is packed with skin-brightening moisturizer that contains wrinkle-reducing ingredients called Matrixyl 3000. This product will not only suit the mature skin, but also for those skin types who crave moisture under the makeup.

From the dry-skin point of view, this lotion feels so moisturizing. You feel your skin tighter and brighter minutes after application. It’s lightweight, oil-free, and not greasy, because it does not contain any silicone. So,  good news for those who are the mortal enemy of silicone-based products! You can wear it alone to give your skin a healthy glow, or as a normal foundation primer. This primer does not feels slick when you put your foundation. Instead, it makes the foundation evens out easily in a different way. Surprisingly this primer helps keep my foundation stays put.  I suppose the fact  that it contains silica, helps the staying power even without silicone. This primer however, will not match the performance of our beloved Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Foundation.

After applying the primer, you can directly apply your foundation without any noticeably drying time. The same thing goes with  mineral makeup (MMU) foundation. I love the result of pairing up this primer with MMU foundation.  It looks flawless without the cakey-ness.

Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion comes in a convenient squeeze tube with a twist-up dispenser. You can get it  from Urban Decay and Sephora for $30.

I’m now handing over the torch to our FD Forum Member Erweniati who will give her share of experience.

Erweniati on Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion

I should start my review by saying I wasn’t too enthusiastic in trying out this primer in the beginning, because honestly I am not a religious primer user. But, when Deszell told me I could have my share in writing the review, I thought, “Hey! Why not?”

From what I see, this primer has thicker consistency than most Japanese primers I have used before, such as Kanebo Media and Kanebo Cofret D’Or. It does have lightweight feeling, oil-free and also grease-free. To me, it still has that slight siliconey-feel once applied on to the face (without being slippery), though it doesn’t actually contain any silicone.

I put this on two days in a row, with 2 different ways:

  1. After primer, I continued with applying blemish-balm (BB) cream and mineral foundation. It didn’t feel thick at all, and there was hardly noticeable difference in my overall face appearance afterward. No sight of the brightening effect, but my complexion did look a bit more flawless.
  2. After primer, I continued with a liquid foundation and a high-rated loose powder which I think most FD members already own: Nars. Same thing happened; it didn’t feel thick and my overall appearance seemed to be even smoother than the day before.

After 2 hours in both applications, my nose started becoming oily. Looking closely into the mirror, I can see the oil, but my whole appearance was still smooth without any cakey-ness or blotchiness whatsoever. Perhaps looked a little bright, even? I guess this is what people call a dewy look. With just a dab of blotting paper, it was perfect again.

All in all, this would be quite a good choice of primer for those with normal to dry skin, or anyone who prefer to look dewy. I do like the smoothness it gives me, but it doesn’t help so much to keep my makeup to stay longer. Since I am a matte freak with quite hideous oil production, I’d skip this primer.