Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Mascara

What: the first vibrating power mascara from Lancome
The promise: lashes look extraordinary extended, separated and multiplied
Availability: November 2008, limited one day launch on July 31st
Price: $34

Power mascara? Vibrating wand? As someone who poked her eyes one too many times with regular mascaras, I should be running away from this one. I don’t even wear mascara everyday, but curiosity got the best of me and I decided to check it out.

The ‘power’ part was exactly as I imagined. You can hear the motor buzzed as it moves the wand, up to 7000 micro oscillation per minute. As prospective buyers can’t personally tried it on (for health reason), the make up artists will show you how it looks like on their lashes – one eye with and one without. I wasn’t sold until one Lancome lady took off her mascara and put Oscillation on for me. I could see how her lashes lengthen and curled with several swipes of the wand. That’s exactly what I wanted – the curly long lashes I don’t naturally have.

So I went home with the most expensive mascara I ever buy. I don’t think I’ve ever read instruction that carefully before putting any make up on before. As I pressed the button, the wand moves up and down and I swipe it from root to tip as instructed.

The result: after three swipes, my thin lashes appear thicker and longer without clumps (see my before and after photo). I found that it has amazing staying power after (accidentally) slept without cleaning my make up. Unlike some other mascara, it doesn’t leave me looking like a raccoon in the morning. Bonus point, it’s also easy to remove. As for the curling part? It does decent job of lifting my straight lashes, but not as much as it did to that Lancome lady. Too bad, considering that it was the main reason I bought this mascara. But come to think of it, Lancome never promises to curl your lashes either… so it does exactly as it promised.

Does it worth the price? I like what it does to my lashes and especially the staying power, but I’m sure there are mascaras out there with similar results at a cheaper price. I haven’t decided whether to keep or return it. Let’s wait, hopefully as I mastered the application, it will give me the long lush and curly lashes of my dream.

One little surprise about this mascara, I swear the smell reminds me of jambu bol/jambu mede. Curious, huh? Or maybe I’m just hungry, hahahahaha…..