Plush Lash

Even though most people go to MAC for their incredible range of colors, this brand actually makes decent mascaras. They’re not the best mascara, mind you, but safe and reliable. Pro Lash and Pro Long Lash are both really good everyday mascara while Zoomlash will give you a nice, flirtatious curl that holds quite a long time. The only drawback to those products is they’re not waterproof so on people with oily skin like me (especially around the eye area), they will eventually smudge. Enter Loud Lash. This mascara is able to curl and lengthen and stay on the whole day. Mine ran out a few weeks ago and I was just about to repurchase when I was presented with the newest addition of MAC mascara line : Plush Lash.

Because I was really pleased with the last product, naturally I expected Plush Lash to be another success. Boy, was I wrong. This mascara comes with a unique brush that is flat on one side and rounded on the other. The brush is quite big, similar to DiorShow, and a bit hard to control. That’s one flaw. The second one is it doesn’t curl my lashes. I always use curler before applying mascara and Plush Lash only made them straight again. So weird. I also didn’t notice my lash looking fuller or more “plush”…they just look more black to me. Another thing, and this is a huge flaw, it smudges so badly! I’ve only worn it for a couple hours, although admittedly it was a rather hot day, and already I’ve got raccoon eyes! Yuck!

Suffice to say, I’m disappointed with this product. I noticed that a lot of people on makeupalley seem to think they’ve found their HG mascara with Plush Lash so I might be the minority. Try it if you’re curious, but for me, I’ll keep searching for “the” mascara and will wear the old, trusted ones in the meantime.

Plush Lash is available at any MAC store for Rp. 135.000

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