off to columbus!!

it’s way too early in the morning but i’m wide awake, ready to take on the 6 hours road trip to columbus-ohio to support my team. it’s march madness, the most anticipated event in college basketball. i read a study somewhere that shows that productiveness of those corporate slaves hit the lowest bottom this time around. everybody just wants to log in to espn and go to the bar to watch their favorite teams.

beberapa hari terakhir ini jadi sibuk cari hotel, print out direction, packing dan cari ticket di ebay, craigslist and message boards, and calling all of the participated schools pretending that i was an alumni..hehe. i got tickets for the second round in the upper bowl for lower than face value. see i’m an equal opportunity discount shopper..not just limited to clothes..:P padahal belum tentu menang juga di first round nya, but hey we got to be optimistic here..;). i also got tickets for first round at face value on ebay and will be meeting the sellers just outside of the arena. i hope i don’t get scammed. and if the seller bails out at the last minute, i’m sure there’s lots of scalpers (calo) around since scalping is legal in columbus. ticketnya ini soalnya udah sold out dari berbulan bulan yang lalu..dan kebanyakan orang orang yang jualin sekarang pasang harganya mahal mahal banget.

i will have time all day saturday for sightseeing, i’ve been there before so i know there’s not much to see. shopping is not too exciting over there either, there’s nothing they have that we don’t have here..:D..except they have it in one big mall, where all the stores over here are scattered to different small malls. there’s a prime outlet just an hour outside of columbus, but i don’t know if it worths the trip or not. i’ll be back with the shopping scene recap after sunday. Have a HAPPY Weekend everyone..=)