do you still wear lipstick?

i don’t. i’ve given up on lipstick since long time ago. really, i think they are a tad bit overrated. the only lipstick i still care is my anna sui (very moisturizing and smells good) and the pro longwear lustre from MAC, this one stays all day but it’s not meant to be used everyday as it can be drying for your lips. anyway, this is what i’ve been using as lipstick replacement.

burt’s bees lip shimmer that doubles as lip balm. for $4 each you can stock up and put one in each of your purses. it comes with 11 different colors, it’s very moisturizing and gives you the cool-refreshing peppermint taste. it also gives a nice shimmery color without the feel of heavy lipstick. and unlike lipstick, you won’t need a mirror to smear this on your lips.