the perfect cotton tee.

plain cotton tee is such a staple to your wardrobe collection cause you can wear all year round. but unfortunately for me, i haven’t found the perfect cotton tee, i know it sounds like an easy task because they are available in every single stores but let me tell you it’s not. or maybe i’m just too picky? most of the cotton tees that i found are not well fitted, sometimes the neckline is weird, the fabric is either too sheer or too stretchy, the length is either too long or too short, same for the sleeves and after a few washes they just lose their shapes. i have tried cotton tee from various stores/brands like h&m, forever 21, Hanes, Papaya, Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew, The limited, Old navy and other brands you can think of that are priced below $20. but none of retain their shapes for more than a season. i’m so bummed. i just recently bought cotton tees from french connection, but they have only been washed once so i cannot tell you the longevity of them. so if anyone have found the perfect cotton tee..please please share it with me…=)

anyway, i have browsed around and do a little research, and seems like james perse cotton tee, c&c california, and petit bateau are up there when it comes to cotton tee. well they should, considering the price tag is $40 and up. I don’t know if it’s worth it or not, anyone have tried their t-shirts? They look nice and comfy though. Here are a few pics:

btw, i found c&c t-shirts on sale for $14 at this site, an online store that sells basic t-shirts from various brands…nice..i’m going to browse some more.