Summer Fragrance

i tried these on my last sephora visit and i absolutely love them. i haven’t got one yet as i’m still deciding between the rain and the cotton and still smelling the samples the SA had given me. but i will definetely pick either one before my trip this month. yea, i always associate certain moments with smell. that’s why i always pick up a new scent for a trip or special moment, at first i did it unconsciously but just recently i realized this weird habit of mine.. and i intend to keep it that way just so when i feel like slipping into certain moment of my life, i could just smell the scent and closed my eyes and imagining the good old days..=)

anyway, the scents are very summery, very cool and refreshing. the bottle is very minimalist, i like it. marc jacobs tried to capture his favorite summer memories into these bottles. There are three different scents; rain, cotton and grass. they are $65 and come in 10oz bottle and come with the sprayer. and it’s a limited edition and backorder i guess i better be hurry

more info taken from bergdorf goodman:
rain: Hot, hazy summer days give way to the pouring rain that floods the senses. Swimming with fresh strawberry, cypress, tropical flowers, wet woods, and musk.
cotton: Light, soft, and comfortable, like summer’s simple pleasures. Blends fresh linen, peaches, citrus, fresh flowers, natural woods, pale musk, and white suede.
grass: Lying in a field of freshly cut grass staring up at a cloudless sky. Wild flowers, soft woods, and dewy musks in a light breeze.