The Haircut

ZFP0028728_PI want to show pictures of my new haircut but I don’t have the one that clearly show the cut..but I think it definitely more like the #3 below, the only difference is the end of my hair tends to curl out since I don’t have straight hair to begin with. All in all, Ilove it, it’s a nice change, the length is just perfect. Oh and I love the hair salon too, Emily did my hair and she is goood..the only complain is just she flat ironed my hair a little too flat for my liking, but other than that I would totally recommend her. The hair salon is nice, it’s a one stop place for your beauty needs, from haircut, hairstyle, hair treatment to waxing, make up, manicure, pedicure, facial, etc. They have different kinds of stylist, from the associate, to stuff, to senior stuff all the way to Dominic himself, which of course with the most expensive price, from $83 and up. They gave me a goody bag filled with shampoo, conditioner and other samples to bring home, so that’s nice. I was thinking to get my nails done in there too since I thought maybe they could do it while I got my hair done to save time, but they couldn’t (I don’t think there’s any place in here that can do it, unlike back home).

So I drove to Ladue afterwards and got my nails done in Ladue nails, Across Barnes & Noble. believe it or not, it was my first time to get my nails done here in the USA.  I always thought it’s such a waste of time, I even felt a bit guilty that day, thinking maybe I could do something else more useful..but hey I deserve a little treatment every now and then, right? maybe it’s all right afterall. Anyway, the place is nice, all of the manicurist is Vietnamese, the one that did mine didn’t even speak English, that’s why she didn’t get the color that I wanted and gave me a French manicure instead. I  didn’t realize it at first cause I was reading a magazine..and when I finally realized she had done all five of them and I was like..”hahh emangnya masih musim ya yang model begini?”..hihi…tapi ya udah lah biar aja, I was running out of time..lagian kasian dia kayanya udah serius ngerjainnya. I got a pedicure too, it was nice sitting on the spa chair and getting my back massaged..=). The place offers facial treatment and waxing too..I’ll probably go back there next month.