Shopping For an MP3 Player

It’s D’s birthday today…I knew I wanted to give him an mp3 player, he left his old one back home when we went back last time and haven’t bought another one, so he’s been carrying that gigantic and antique Sony walkman CD whenever he goes to the gym or to the park for jogging or to commute to and from the office…hehehe. I’ve been looking for the right mp3 player these couple of the review here and there…at firstIwanted to give him this..

It’s the special edition iPod this would be an awesome gift for him, he is a big fan of U2, and this one has the autographs of all four U2 band members and can save up to 5000 songs..but but but he doesn’t listen to that many songs…the songs he has in his computer don’t even come close to 5000 …and the price is a bummer…it’s $349 before tax..I would rather buy a new camera than a freaking iPod with that much amount of money!! let’s just cross this off the list.

my second option was the mini iPod…

7067531_scone minute I was so sure that i was gonna get him this one…but the next minute I was hesitant..I don’t know…is it worth it??..I’m a little put off by the hype that surrounds them..I’ve never owned any items from Apple…and never been interested to have one, except for the Ppod (just like what a lot of people feel)..and I know d doesn’t believe in the iPod hype either but of course he still wouldn’t mind to have one given to him..hehe. I think Steve Jobs (the CEO of apple) and crew has done a good job with the marketing and the branding of iPod..they have turned technology into fashion..and plus the bulk of Apple’s loyal followers are marketing/advertising/media savvy, so that helps them a lot in influencing the world..I feel like somehow they are trying to create an image that iPod is a neccesity, an essential tool for living and only dorks carry a non-iPod mp3 player…but of course I’m smarter than that (:p) and don’t buy that idea, I know iPod is cute and aLL..but it’s nothing that we can’t live without..hehe. anywayy..but still..I was so close to buying him this one and already thought of the words to engrave on it….but hmm..

so I narrow down my requirements; the price has to be less than a hundred buck..hehe..I know I’m so cheap..:P.. then the iPod shuffle came to mind..

this thing is so tiny, smaller than a pack of gum, the price is affordable..and if memory size is what you need..this one is actually cheaper than most flash based mp3 player with the same size of memory, good sound quality, sleek design and will let you blend in with the ‘cool crowd’..:p…but..*sigh*… it just seems to lack a lot of things, like the lcd screen, a lot of mp3 players in the same price range have quite a few features like FM radio, voice recorder, playlist along with the accessories…and i just remember that d likes to listen to the radio..something that he cannot do with the iPod shuffle. and since it rotates the music you store, you won’t have control on the playlist, so it sucks when you’re in the middle of treadmill-ing and a mellow song comes out..and you have to press the skip button over and over until you find the song you want, at least with other mp3 player you can create folders and group the songs according to its genres.
Anyway… to make the story short…I decided to go with the Creative Labs Muvo TX FM mp3 player, it has good review on c-net and it has all he needs and so easy to use…just plug-drag-drop and play, no cables and software installation needed. I quickly transfered some of the songs yesterday and secretly put it in his laptop bag and when he was on the way to the office this morning I told him over the phone that his bday present is in his bag..hehehe…he said he likes it a lot…and that, my friend, ended my mp3 player shopping saga.