The Alexander Wang x H&M Collaboration Drops in Jakarta

By the time you read this, a long line off style fiends will have reaped the rewards from forming a line the night before at a store in Grand Indonesia. What are they all lining up for?

Alexander Wang X H&M - Low Res

They’re lining up for the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration, of course, which is only available in the archipelago at the Grand Indonesia store. The largely monochromatic collection is very Alexander Wang: lots of structured unisex jackets and loose sweaters. It’s a very sporty and utilitarian collection, with athletic themes and pieces that include bra tops and tights, and workout gear like boxing gloves and yoga mats. As usual, I’m eyeing so many jackets from the men’s collection — especially a fluffy down jacket made out of reflective material.

Actually, most of the materials used in this collection are quite intriguing. I really like the idea of the down jacket made with high-visibility material (the same kind you’d see on safety vests worn by nighttime construction workers), but then there are also these neat tops and shirtdresses with printed lettering on them — except the lettering will not show unless the person wearing it is sweating. Kinda gets you motivated to work up a sweat, no?

aw hm 1News about this designer collaboration broke in April of this year, and naturally it had tongues wagging as soon as the announcement was made; there was no doubt that any designer H&M collaboration would do well. It will do well on the merit of Wang’s name alone  people are going to love wearing the wares that have giant, gaudy lettering spelling out WANG on select articles of clothing. That this collection doubles as athletic gear is just the cherry on top, possibly motivating people to hit the gym more often if it means they can be seen in designer clothing.

Jackets and parkas are the most expensive items on the list, ranging between IDR 1,999,000 – 3,999,000. Sweaters will set you back between 599,900 – 3,999,00, and dresses capped at IDR 1,899,000. Still can’t bear to part with your hard-earned money? Don’t worry, you can still get a slice of Wang action with little accouterments like key chains and water bottles (IDR 149,000).

The Alexander Wang x H&M collection is available in limited quantities at H&M Grand Indonesia.