#FDBeauty Brush Guide: Round Top Foundation Brush

How many of us apply liquid foundation with our fingers instead of brushes? While super practical, applying foundation with out hands may not always be the best way to get the coverage you need. The biggest problem from using your hands to apply a liquid base makeup is coming out with streaks all over your face; this is why brushes (while somewhat impractical if you’re always on the move) will always be the ideal method of application.

Now, you already know that the angled foundation brush is the industry standard for applying liquid foundation and doing things like shading, but there’s another contender win the ring designed specifically for the former: the round top foundation brush makes it super simple for you to apply product and buff gently at your skin, giving you full coverage that isn’t overly weighty or cakey. As with all brushes designed for use with liquids, pick one with synthetic bristles so they don’t soak up and absorb more product than necessary.

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