#FDBeauty Video: Breezy Summer Daytime Look

A brief list of things people associate with the summer:

1. Barbeques
2. Good times
3. Megawatt makeup

Unfortunately we can’t do anything about the barbeques or good times, but we can certainly help you out with the megawatt makeup. You’ve already seen Endi Feng work his magic on a sultry summertime night look, so now it’s time to meet its daytime counterpart.

For this very breezy daytime summer look, Endi was inspired by the purples and violets that have been prominently featured on lookbooks everywhere this season.

One of my favorite products in this tutorial is the Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato, a lip and cheek stain. These highly pigmented babies come in bright summery shades, from pinks to corals. Come on, how can you even resist a beauty product with a name that reminds you of a delicious dessert food? The fact that it pulls double duty as a lip and cheek stain is just a bonus at this point. The formula slide on glossy but dries into a soft matte. Perfect!

shu uemura