Falling into A/W ’13 with Fendi

Most Autumn/Winter collections take on a darker feel to reflect the transition from summertime sun to the chilly winds of autumn, and the Italian luxury house Fendi has captured that transition perfectly as well. They don’t stray too far from classic A/W colors, but they do just enough to keep the entire collection from being weighed down through a clever use of light materials materials. Silks and soft jerseys were went into action to offset the subdued color scheme.

So yes, there are still dark navy blues colorblocked with muted pinks and peaches, but the entire color palette is lifted by light materials and a touch of metallic ombre, as seen on the V-neck dress below. By choosing to forgo heavier materials that could compromise comfort, they’ve sidestepped the issue of A/W collections being unwearable in our version of autumn in the tropics. So while the furry jackets and sweaters we saw on the runway were pretty fabulous, they are probably a little impractical for this weather :)

I spoke to the branch manager who admitted that plenty of thought was put into the selecting of items that were to go on sale in tropical countries like our own. She also added that while we are limited by the temperature, we make up for it in equal parts with attitude: turns out that among our Southeast Asian neighbors, we are the most daring in terms of style, willing to try out items that would not necessarily go down well in places with fairly conservative tastes like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Go team!

But let’s talk about bags for a minute: these are some of the latest incarnations of the Fendi 2Jours, one of the Italian label’s most popular bags after the petite Baguette. 2Jours bags have always been presented in a dizzying array colors, textures, and materials, and this season is no different. Fendi has focused on keeping things warm, which is why they’ve elected to go for the same colorful furs that went on this season’s sweaters. They’ve retained the classic shape and distinctive metal nameplate but added an element of fun through the brightly colored furry materials, perhaps to juxtapose the quietly subdued fashion selections this season.

Fendi also recently released a short film to accompany this collection, wrangled by none other than their Artistic Director, Karl Lagerfeld, himself. I think it does a great job of capturing that moody Autumn/Winter feel through a dark gothic horror-themed film. Check it out for yourself and let’s see what you make of it!

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