My Surprising Rp. 20K Haircut

Hello, my name is Griss, and last month I had my very first short haircut ever.  When I say short, I mean so short that I can’t even make tie my hair in a ponytail.  Sure I’ve had a short haircuts before, but they were shoulder-length cuts because I always tell the hairdresser that I want to be able to tie my hair (just in case I can’t stand the heat).

I’ve loved long hair since I was a little kid. Although I never grew my hair out as long as the ones you see on shampoo commercials, I do love long hair.  I think it’s because I watched and read too many princess stories, and where the princesses always have long hair. If you have a pixie cut, don’t even think about being a princess!

Just kidding :p

Children’s stories mostly feature pretty girls with long hair, and I think I’ve been successfully brainwashed by that image.  On top of that, my mom is also a big fan of long hair; come to think of it, she’s taken control of my hair up to my middle school years, and of course she didn’t let anyone chop off my long hair back then :D

I’m also aware that I don’t have a slim face structure, so I thought there would be no way I can pull off a short haircut. I don’t want to look like a walking soccer ball, to be honest.  Another reason why I’ve never  short hair goes back to a bad experience during my second year at university:  I went to one of the most famous hair salons in Jakarta and asked the hairdresser to give me medium-length hair, but he cut way too much until I felt like I wanted to cry.  I know I have thick hair, and  the thickness probably urged the hairdresser to make lop off plenty of hair to make it look less poofy — so that’s what he did. But he did it in a bad way. Even my friends noticed my hair and didn’t dare to comment. It was that bad.

On the other hand, I love to try new things, especially when I’m bored. I had this thought when I looked at my reflection one day: “How about getting a haircut right now?”

My hair was a little bit out of control that day, and I felt like that was it: that was the moment I finally really wanted a short haircut.  A few hours later, I was at the hair salon in my hometown :D I realized that the hairdresser didn’t have a formal background in beauty and hair (my hometown is  a very small city in West Java, and it’s understandable that he never studied hairdressing).  He learned the craft from his mom and kept practicing until he perfected his skill.  I googled a couple of images beforehand, but after I compared my face shape and the model’s face shape, I knew that the particular hairstyle I wanted would look different on me.  LOL.  So I gave the hairdresser a few points:

  1. Make it short, but don’t make me look like a guy (yes, I actually said that).  I wanted the ends of my hair above my shoulder, right above the collarbone.
  2. Give layers, but not overly crazy layers.  I wanted proper layers so my hair wouldn’t look stiff or flat.
  3. Don’t cut my bangs too short.  I’m on a mission to grow out my bangs.

As it turned out, I LOVE the result! The best part is how it only cost me IDR 20,000.  My friends from Jakarta couldn’t believe I only paid 20k for this hair, but it is true.  Here in Jakarta, we would probably spend IDR 200,000 – IDR 600,000 for a haircut, and that doesn’t include treatments :D

This is definitely a new experience for me.  Having short hair saves me more time in the shower, and my shampoo lasts a little longer. It is a success because my pro-long hair mother says she loves this short length.

The funny thing was this: when I returned to the office after the two week holiday, the whole office was in shocked because apparently Dhany and Hanzky had also cut their hair short!  “Did you guys plan to get a short hair together?!”  “The FD team now has short hair!” “Do you have an inner connection or something?” LOL.

It was pure coincidence. Or are we syncing up too much? :)