Today’s Outfit: A Kickstart To Good Things

Griss asked me to do a Today’s Outfit post, but I wasn’t sure if I was worthy of this famous installment. Still, I was honored to be asked, so here we go!

I wore this outfit to attend the FD Kickstarter with Tiara Soemakno last week. It was an eventful, excitement-filled evening. Those who were there surely understand what I mean when I say that ;)

H&M long sleeve shirt | Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans | Schutz peep toe heels | Marc Jacobs Stam Hobo bag | Christian Dior watch

I love shirts like these. I love how the length is long enough to cover my midsection, and I love how the sleeves can be worn rolled up. In fact, I have another copy of this shirt in dark gray. Apparently, our dear Hanzky noticed it was H&M as she owns one too. Talk about a good buy, huh?

The Uniqlo jeans are an indispensable piece in my wardrobe. I’ve always found it tricky to find jeans that suit my body type. Once I found the one, I stick to them. I like my black jeans to be extremely black. These are actually the second pair I bought, after the first one had turned a murky dark gray after countless use and washes. I’m ecstatic now that Uniqlo is available in Jakarta, as I can buy them again (and again) whenever I need to!

The heels, I believe, were the pick-me-up of this outfit. When I saw them a few seasons ago at Linea, I knew I had to get them. Look at the color! They are suede, which got me thinking a little about the extra effort for protecting them — but I just couldn’t stay away from the green. They have a nice comfortable height too, with about a centimeter of platform at the front.

This Marc Jacobs Stam Hobo was one of my first luxury designer bags. It was from the F/W 2006 collection, if I remember correctly. It was one of the first varieties Marc Jacobs came up with after the highly sought-after Stam bags. The color I own, called Mouse, was the hardest to find. It was sold out almost everywhere. The good luck fairy was on my side and I was finally able to find it, and at a steal too!

I think this bag deserves a lengthy post on its own, as it has stayed with me through the harshest winters and the sunniest summers. I might actually do it in the future, to commemorate our history together.

And that’s it! My first TO post, I hope I don’t disappoint ;)