Getting In Shape with Reebok Realflex

As a jazz dancer, I don’t really need shoes to support my dancing routine. I might just use a pair of foot thong, a pair of cute socks, or just go barefoot. I never really invest in any good sport shoes. The thing is, I can’t always count on jazz dancing since it provides much more of strength practices rather than cardio. I really love a good workout that makes me soaking up in sweat. I learned that Zumba and Sh’bam are the cardio workouts that I fell for. Due to this reason, I really need to invest in an incredible good sport shoes.

There are several things that I need to consider before deciding to choose the perfect shoes.

  1. I want my shoes to be lightweighted. A heavy shoes will just make me uncomfortable. I’m going to move a lot by jumping around this is why I need a lightweight shoes which will help me moving around easily.
  2. I need my shoes to be soft. I need a shoe sole that is soft to avoid any injuries if I land on my feet. A hard sole will hurt my foot whenever I jump.
  3. I demand a funky design. As someone who’s into fashion and pretty things, of course I want shoes with the coolest color and design! The ones with bold colors are my favorite!

Lucky for me I was introduced to Reebok Realflex Fusion TR 2.0 for women! Reebok Realflex is addressed to lovers of fitness and sports, with the Realflex technology that supports freedom of movement and minimize injury by the technology that supports natural movement. These shoes are designed to help my feet move while running, jumping, or stretching. Ha! It covers my earlier point number 2!

This is probably the lightest shoes I have ever wear. I can wear this for my 2 hours aerobic class and still feel okay. My feet was tired because of the movements, not because of the shoes. This covers my point number one. And look at the design! It’s probably one of the funkiest design in sport shoes! It gives me that edgy look and feel. And here’s the coolest part: the added window in the heel provides ultimate breathability for humid Indonesian climate. It’s like an icing on top of it all.

So, look no further no more. What else do you want if you got everything as one package in Reebok Realflex Fusion TR 2.0? I can’t wait to go to my next cardio workout with Reebok Realflex! Have fun working out!