Lee Cooper SS 2012 Highlighting Colorful Short and Jeans

What is the easiest way to dress in colorful tones? In my opinion, wearing solid-colored bottom is the answer. With solid-colored bottoms like skirt, pants or shorts, you can mix-match it with top in any color you like. If you’re looking for colorful skinny jeans or short to be worn in casual moment, you can check Lee Cooper’s latest collection for Spring/Summer 2012.

Coloured Jeans” is the highlighted item of the collection. For all the ladies, Lee Cooper creates denim shorts in bright colors such as Bright Blue, Merlot (or wine red), Green and Dirty White. For men, Low Rise Slim Coloured Jeans can be an option to look different. The jeans come in Merlot, Dirty White, Green Aspen, Bright Blue and Dark Indigo. Besides, Lee Cooper also presented Low Crotch-ed Cropped jeans for this season.

What’s the idea behind this colorful collection? Lee Cooper was inspired by Field Day celebration in England, a festival of music, film and art. where people show their edgy and casual styles.

You can see how Lee Cooper translates Field Day fashion into a collection through photos below:


* Images courtesy of Lee Cooper via Studio One