How To Make The Perfect Cat-Eye Eyeliner

Happy Chinese New Year, xin nian kuai le!

(Did I say that right?)

To those who celebrated, we hope you had a wonderful celebration, full of love and lots of prosperity for the Water Dragon year.

We’d love to hear what you wear during your celebration. I suppose it’s all about the color red and, perhaps, cheongsams? However, we’d also like to hear about what you wear on your face.

I’m not sure why, but to me, Chinese New Year celebration makeup has to include cat-eye eyeliner. It’s simple, yet powerful enough to catch attention, without even having to put liner on the bottom and line the water line (which is definitely not my favorite thing to do).

And after scouring many videos on YouTube, this has to be my favorite tutorial to do a cat-eye, or winged, eyeliner.

You basically line your upper lid like usual, then make the wing on the outside part. Tips to make the right angle of the wing: imagine you are lining your lower line, but then pull it longer.

Then, you bring the edge of the tip inwards, and voila!



Needless to say, this won’t work with pencil eyeliners, so whip out those gels and liquids, and start practicing!