Goodies Under 100K: 24 Shades of Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipcolor

What would you not love from finding a lipstick that is actually of good quality, with variety of colours (and not just a nude one) but also with a really affordable price tag? I mean, how would you say no to a lipstick that cost Rp 35,000?

I got this package containing four Moisture Extreme Lipcolors from Maybelline that were packed in such a beautiful box just a few days before the JFW 2012. It was not until after that event that I got the chance to try all the lipsticks. I got a feeling though that I was going to love this product because the Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick Honey Ginger (936) that I’ve got a while ago is one of my favourite nude lipsticks.

The lipstick comes in four colour family; red, pink, nude and coral. There are 24 different colours available at the moment, plenty to choose from for each colour family that you like. The good thing about this lipstick is that the packaging colour corresponds with which colour family it belongs to. So you’ll never have to worry that you pick up the wrong shade, for instance picking up a coral lipstick when all you want is to make a statement with your red lips.

So what’s different from this new Moisture Extreme Lipcolor? The already very creamy lipstick that doesn’t dry your lips is now enriched with honey nectar that gives you the combination of lipstick and lipbalm. The colour is also pigmented because it’s made from pure pigment. It should also last for 8 hours! With that price, I actually don’t mind retouching my lipstick often :)

Here are the four colours that I got from the package :)

The coral pink was fast becoming one of my favourites. If you’re looking for a pink or red lipstick and you haven’t found ‘the one’ yet, you might want to try this lipstick. Because it wouldn’t make you sob when you find later on in the week after you buy it, that red or pink is not your colour after all.