JFW 2012 Day 5: Yosafat ‘Classic Black’ Creation

I always keep my eye on Yosafat ever since I saw his collection at the La Salle graduates show last year at JFW. He has a very interesting design with a strong structural and very architectural touch to his design. Since I’m a shoe person, I couldn’t deny that it was also his care to pay attention to shoes for that match his collection at last year collection that also made it memorable for me. This year, he has his own show at the Promenade, and by far the most packed one at that area.

At the press conference, Yosafat told us that the theme for his show this year is ‘Dichotomy’ which means the division of two contrasting parts. A preview look was shown where he explained how he was inspired by the new Nokia N9 and worked with them to create a look derived from it. It was sleek, smart, and innovative and it looked unified because of the all black ensemble – which is everything that Nokia N9 is all about.

Frankly speaking I don’t know what to expect from his collection, but one thing I knew that it was going to be one of those collections where you will see sharp tailoring and structured cut. A good designer should have a signature in which people would recognize your design right away. Yosafat has just that, every design that he produces can be described as sharp and structured.

In this collection, Yosafat showed us a ready to wear collection with all black ensemble, with very few flesh tone or flesh showing because of the see-through material which made the black even more stark. He put smart little elements into what otherwise seemed like just another tailored piece, for instance faux leather or see through lace as pocket detailing. The contrasting elements shown by the combination of different textiles used in one piece. This collection had all the things that every women should have – the perfect black pants, tailored pencil skirt and classic black jacket. I love every single one of them. Even the see-through top, I can see how we can still use them with black camisole underneath.

A big round of applause for Yosafat for creating such a wonderful collection. Hopefully, we can see them soon on Mazee like your last collection.

The jacket on the rifgt is definitely on my wish list :)

Little details that matter