Did I Forget to Wear a Bra This Morning?

…is something I thought a busty girl like me would never say!

Girls like me are the ones who are stuck with big-strapped, full cup bra that might offer a good support, but tend to look…well like the kind of bra your grandma would wear. I gave up wearing cute, colorful, bra since ages ago, because they very rarely come in my size so nowadays I tend to stick to good ol’ t-shirt bras, with underwire of course, from several brands that I know always have my size in stock. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to trying on undergarments because I thought I better stick to what I know will fit me and give me, not only adequate support, but comfort as well. The last point is very important because we wear our bra for about 12 hours everyday!

Anyway, I wasn’t in the lookout for any new bra but when I heard about La Senza Body Kiss, which they claim to be their most comfortable bra ever, I was intrigued. I visited La Senza Pacific Place the other day to check out this new collection. I was told then that the secret behind La Senza Body Kiss bra is the cushion underwire technology. Just like the name suggested, there is a thick cushion wrapped around the underwire of Body Kiss bras to prevent it from digging into our skin. Not only that, the material of these bras, from a combination of nylon and spandex, is super soft, ensuring you even more comfort when wearing them. This, you can feel when you touch the material. It really is very smooth and silky. But to find out how comfortable the cushion underwire is, I had to try it on of course! The bras are available in two types: push-up bra and lightly-lined (non-push up). I chose the push-up one because I needed the…err…boost :D They are also available in a few different hot colors such as electric blue, purple, orange, as well as several leopard prints in turquoise (very very cute!) and sorbet. Of course they are available in “neutral” colors like black too. I had a hard time choosing the colors as they were all very tempting, but in the end I went home with the neon purple Body Kiss bra, like the one in the picture below.

A few days after that, it was time to take it on a test! I wore my new Body Kiss bra to work on a usual busy day. I had to stay in the office until quite late at night as we were preparing for FD Garden Party and during the whole day, I felt…nothing. No itchiness, no “I’m being strapped in by my bra for 12 hours” feeling and when I went home that night, I also saw no marks at all on my skin which is a prove that the underwire of this bra didn’t dig into my skin at all! So I am sold. I’m now a fan of La Senza Body Kiss bra and I will definitely come back to the store and purchase it in other colors. It’s soft on my skin, comfortable to wear and another lovely bonus is, the straps can be adjusted into several different ways (classic, crossed, halter, narrow classic, narrow crossed), so you can wear them under different outfits without worrying about bra straps peeking from underneath.

And of course it doesn’t hurt that, thanks to the push-up style, I look and feel sexier in this bra too! After all, that’s what a busty girl like me should always feel, right? ;)

La Senza Body Kiss is available in all La Senza stores and retails for Rp. 379.000. You can get Rp. 79.000 off if you buy them in May 2011.