Skincare Arsenal: Leona2307

By: Leona2307

Just like other members in FD, I too love to test and try out numerous products out there that received positive feedback on the results, which means I can switch and change my skincare arsenal if I think a product is worth trying. From low end to high end, natural to chemical, brands that are familiar for an FD member such as EMC, BMC, Erhalogy, Tabita, Paula’s Choice, La Mer, SK-II, and many more. FYI, I have very oily skin, this is maybe the reason why I felt that there is no need for moisturizer products used on my skin. However I am very fortunate, even though I did not use any moisturizer, the moisture level on my skin is still above average according the skin test I took some time ago. I love to use exfoliator products since my main concern is how to keep the skin smooth and flawless. The exfoliator helps to lift my dead skin cells. The products below are those that I am currently using or have been using for some time, from left to right, top then the bottom ones, sorry for the poor picture

  1. Biore UV Perfect Milk, I cannot leave the house without sunscreen. I do not have any special preferences for sunscreen brand, the Biore UV Perfect Milk happens to be the one I were daily these days
  2. UNT Clearegen AHA/BHA Toner. This is my second bottle of toner. The toner contains AHA and also BHA but does not sting my skin; I feel the skin is refreshed and clean after using this toner
  3. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. This is can be considered as my staple skin care product. I have been on and off in using the products from SK-II but this is the only one I am using religiously up till this very moment. Some the products might sound expensive (almost Rp. 1 million on the counter) but the bottle will and can last for a year even more, so this is quite reasonable for me. Bought this bottle last June and still have more than half a bottle.
  4. Muji Cleansing Oil. I use other cleansing oil before like the UNT Huile Demaquillante Cleansing Oil, but then I switched to Muji since most FD members are selling the product and this brand does not make my skin feel oily
  5. Aphroderma Anti Aging Serum. This is my second bottle, third if you count the one I broke this morning. I used the serum on places where fine lines are starting to show their marks such as the forehead, the corner of the eyes and the smile lines
  6. One set of MUAC’s 40% lactic acid peel. Whenever I feel that the skin needs a little extra helping hand in regenerating, I use this home kit peel (once a week or whenever I feel like it)
  7. Super CP Serum. This serum is used when I used the MUAC’s home kit peel
  8. Alpha Hydroxe AHA Souffle. Another product to lift the outer layer of my skin. aAs you can see I am obsessed in exfoliating my skin. Whenever I see a product that contains AHA/BHA or any acid with good reviews, I’ll be tempted to try. As for me, I do not believe that the skin will get thinner if you exfoliate too much. You might get an irritated skin, but not a thinning one, but that’s just me :D
  9. Retin-A in 0.05%. This is my routine night skin care, and the only thing I use at night. I have increased the intensity, for some, the 0.05% might be too harsh for them
  10. Menard Herb Mask. Not listed on the picture, just got them today from dhutama (shared the product with some other girls) I love FD since you can share products with other girls which is a great way to try products that you’re still unsure about.

Well, I guess that is all! I love to mix my skincare and sometimes do not stick around to one brand for too long. And by the way, I have never used any moisturizer for quite some time that is why there are no moisturizing products on my skincare arsenal.