Every Type Of Body Is Beautiful

I guess this is what me and many people would love to see in a fashion show; a collection presented by models in various body types. Maybe some of us have already seen Beth Ditto, the curvy singer, walking down the runway of Jean Paul Gaultier during Paris Fashion Week 2010. Last week they tried to emulate the concept in Indonesia.

Jean Paul Gaultier made it happen in Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week. Although, there were only 4 special models in the fashion show, it successfully gathered big applause from the audience whenever these models stepped on the runway. Just look at the photos below and I’m sure you’ll know why!

About the collection itself, it screamed romantic punk. It reflected 1980s punk subcultures with the punk hairstyles, biker chick leathers with beautiful finish with black lace and fishnet layers.

Some outfits that caught my eyes were the black suits with wide leather belts and girly ankle-strap heels, cone-shaped bra and corset, fringe details, and loose cotton pants tucked in the shoe straps; while some of the male models wore all-black clothing and shawls. You can find it all on the photos below: