A Quick Solution to Have that Dazzling Smile

We all want to look our best at all times but especially when we’re meeting special people, right? Usually, 5 minutes before I head to the door for a meeting or event, I check my reflection in the mirror. I make sure my clothes look neat and tidy, my hair doesn’t look limp or messy and also make sure my makeup looks fresh. But I admit, there is one thing I often overlook: my teeth!

No, it doesn’t mean that I often meet people with chili bits stuck between my teeth (wouldn’t that be embarrassing), it’s just that sometimes I notice my teeth would appear a bit yellowish, especially when I’m wearing certain lipstick shades. This is too bad because I think a woman’s best asset should be a dazzling smile :D

That is why I was thrilled to find that now there is a product which can be a quick solution to get whiter-looking teeth when we need it the most. It’s a new toothpaste from Pepsodent called Pepsodent White Now. Its double gel formula which contains unique blue foam can make your teeth appear whiter with just one time use! How does it work? When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent White Now, the blue foam will coat your teeth, making yellowish teeth appear whiter. It’s an optical illusion and the effect doesn’t last long, but I think it’s perfect for those situations when we need to look our best! And it’s certainly cheaper than going to the dentist and have your teeth bleached, right?

Pepsodent White Now is clinically proven as safe to be used everyday. If you’re worried about making your teeth unnaturally white, don’t worry! The blue foam is just going to lightly coat your teeth so they’ll look brighter and cleaner, not stark white.

Pepsodent White Now can be found in major supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide. Have you tried it? What do you think?