Evolutionary Pore Minimising Smoother Skincare Line from L’oreal

If you’re looking for an affordable skincare that will help your pores look smoother? L’oreal have perfected their Derma Genesis line which was launched back in 2009 to give you a skincare regimen that will act as pore minimizer.

Our skin regenerates itself every 18 days, but as we age, the regenerating capabilities of our skin decrease in performance and thus the early sign of aging such as fine lines and uneven skin texture because of enlarged pores becomes visible. Our skin needs an external help to regenerate the birth of new skin cells so that our skin can look fresher, supple and healthier every day.

Derma Genesis offers to help your skin in its regeneration process by treating your skin to the deepest part of the cell. Through this, your skin will become smoother and it can also tighten your pores to give your younger looking skin texture. This all thanks to the revolutionary active ingredients found through Green Chemistry process without involving any chemical process, they are:

  1. Pro-Xylane that will maintain your skin moisture lever and keratin structure on new skin cells.
  2. Hyaluronic Acid that will help with free radical and turn it into keratin.

The two ingredients above combined will create a nice base for your skin cells to regenerate at its optimum level. The newly formulated Derma Genesis added Active Micro-Smoother that will help to fix your skin cells texture to achieve an even smoother skin. In four weeks time you should see some changes already. The added Micro Pearls contain in the gel will make your face looks brighter and glow with radiant from within.

This line consist of Toner Rp 79,100, Facial Scrub Rp 39,000 and Moisturizing Gel Cream Rp 155,000.

Lita who have tried this line said that after a month of usage, she said that her oily T-Zone becomes less oily and she likes how she have to blot her face less nowadays.