Blush on Kis: The Colour Trend for 2011

New year is the right time to talk about trend because sale sign are still everywhere, it’s the beginning of the year where the energy for a better year still pumping from every blood vein in your body and it’s a new chapter altogether.

When talking about trend, the easiest parameter would be colour. Because if you can’t follow the different clothing style popping, then you should watch on the colour palette. Dina Vahada, owner and designer of a label named after her and winner of Cleo Fashion Award Most Talented Designer talk to Blush on Kis on this years’ colour trend.

Colour trend for 2011 still revolves around the neutral like chocolate and nude, as well as white and blue. So ladies, take note of this and makes sure when you declutter your wardrobe to make room for new stuff, don’t throw away these colours. You might also want to consider in investing pieces in these colours because the colours is neutral it’s easy to mix with different colours from soft to bold and it will never goes out of season.

Other colour to take note are terracotta, neon and grey. Been seeing a lot of grey in the pre-fall 2011 runway, it seemed like grey is the new nude.

Need an inspiration on how to mix these colours? These are Dina’s suggestion:

  • Try to mix and match all white outfit with one part using neon coloured item, this can be a pair of shoes or a piece of accessories such as bangles or necklace.
  • Put together light blue top with chocolate or creme bottom.
  • White is also a perfect match for chocolate or you can mix white with blue and grey altogether.
  • Invest in bag and shoes in chocolate because it’s going to be the perfect finishing touch.
  • Neon is one of the colour to watch, it can be used in accessories, shoes or belt.

The golden rule of playing with colours to not wear more than three different colours at once according to Dina. For instance, mix blue top, with creme or chocolate bottoms with a white outerwear (sounds like the perfect combination!).

As an end note, Dina said if you only want to invest in one colour, she suggested to go for chocolate. But at the end of the day, it’s about experimenting with colours and which one suit you the most.

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