What I found at Mazee

Have you visited Mazee located at the 6th floor of FX? They’re filled with products that are made in Indonesia. You could find various interesting products there. Two of the tenants there that we have reviewed previously are Unique Indonesia’s scarf and Djody.

These are what I found from my very short visit to Mazee, should I have more time, I’m sure I will found some more pretty thing.

1. The colourful pastel tone jacket from Coloriot named Sienna for Rp 288,000, available on 4 other yummy pastels combination.

2. Wedge lace up ankle booties with studs detailing from Se. It seemed to be everywhere and wedge is the next best thing from the flats if you want to keep the height and still feels comfortable. This shoes cost Rp 450,000.

3. A floral tiered necklace called Toraja that take inspiration from the Javanese antique jewelery without the heavy gold tone feeling, Rp 175,000. Available in two colours from Origo.