High Tea with Embellir by Menard

High tea event with a beauty brand, is surely one thing that will light up my week. On late November, I attended High Tea with Embellir by Menard at De Salon by Marc, Plaza Indonesia. The chance to dip my hands into the premium skincare line by Menard is surely one thing that I was looking forward too all week.

During this event, Lim Hooi Hooi, the Marketing Manager of Menard for the Southeast Asia from Malaysia educated us more on the ingredients and benefit of Embellir skincare line. Embellir is said to be able to effectively renew and rejuvenate the skin because it contains the black Reishi and red Reishi mushroom which are known as herbal medicine that can overcome the problem of sleep disorders, depression and immune system in the body. So imagine if it’s put in a skincare, what this ingredient could do to your skin.

Not only that but Embellir also contains Bulgarian Rose Essence that can can relax your mind when you apply it. The skincare line consists of the refresh massage, washing, liquid, extract (serum), day cream, night cream and eye cream.

The event itself was hosted by Sari Nila and we’ve also heard testimonials from Ina Thomas, Elianaputri Antonio and Era Soekamto regarding the skincare line. According to the three of them, they see a significant difference on their skin after using Embellir, the skin became more supple, tight and glowing.

Menard believes that healthy skin is a must, with their philosophy “Seeking True Beauty”, they believe  it’s essential to provide customers with face-to-face advice when it comes to skin care methods and choosing cosmetics. It’s essential because both products are applied to your face directly which will give  a direct impact. With high quality of products and counseling, Menard will surely give their best to see your skin always at their healthy stage.