Fashionpedia: Ladies, Make Yourself Familiar with Chino


The office is buzzing with chino this month. If you look at the fashion week from spring and summer you will see that many designers incorporate chinos into their collection. But not many of us can afford high-end designer labels… but we all can indulge in an affordable luxury, like the chino brought to you by Banana Republic, especially now that they come with their new price of luxury.

Anyway, so what exactly is a chino? A lot of people use the term interchangeably with khakis. Well, news flash..they are two different things. Chino is made out of twill cotton fabric,  it’s lighter in weight than khakis. It’s also more dressier in terms of fit, more modern and slick.

Since I always like to know the roots and history of everything I wear and purchase so I will throw you a little bit of that. Chino was introduced in the mid-1800s as British and French military uniform. But starting in the 1900s, it has become an everyday wear. And since it’s been grazing the runway it can only mean that chino has gained an important fashion status. Well, how could it not. It’s a staple and the ultimate year-round wear.

During the next two weeks, we will show you more about Banana Republic chinos and will show you what a great asset they are by breaking down the different ways to wear them. I have a few chino-inspired items in my closet and I’m sure you do too. Here’s a  little homework for you to do this weekend: Dig your closet and see how many chino or chino-inspired items you have (hint: you can wear that for our next exciting contest!). Better get ready to participate next week!