Rihanna Nokia Live Concert on 16th of November

Widget-and-DeviceThere are times when I wish I lived somewhere else, like London for instance, where there are cool live music performances every week and I could see them all. Admittedly, Jakarta has had quite a number of live performances from international musicians, but there are still sooo many singers/bands that haven’t made their way here. Some, like Rihanna, almost made it, but in the end had to cancel for one or two reasons.

If you’re among those who still wish you could see Rihanna live, fear not my friends! You can do just that in the comfort of your own home! You’ve probably heard the news by now, Rihanna will be performing live in a secret location in London on 16th of November 2009 and thanks to Nokia, we can watch it online. It’s not just another concert, Riri will be performing several songs from her new album, Rated R for the first time!

To be able to watch this online concert, you only need to sign up here. It’s really fast and easy and in just 2 days, you’ll be able to ‘park’ in front of your laptop/PC in your jammies and see Rihanna, in her fiercest outfit and hairdo for sure, performing live from London! (Psst, I heard you can even choose your ‘seats’ for the concert)

So remember ladies, sign up and watch Rihanna’s free online concert on 16th of November!